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Bull Market at Mueller Austin

If you’re unsure how to pronounce Mueller Austin, things may have just become a little more complex now that Betty is in residence. She’s the Magnetic Cow from the Austin Cow Parade, and she is grazing on the plaza outside the developer’s information center – by the Browning Hangar and Lake Park. Maybe we should be saying “Moo-ller” now too.

The 2011 Cow Parade benefits the Dell Children’s Medical Center here in the neighborhood, and each of the 100 cows around Austin will be auctioned to raise funds at the end of October. The average price for a cow in the US has been almost $10,000.

The exciting thing about the Magnetic Cow is that she’s somewhat of a blank canvas – she is coated in a material that allows the public to bring their own magnetic artand attach it to her flanks. I bumped into Dee DesJardin while I was over there, and she explained that the artist (Jill Bedgood) had suggested magnets with small bases (due to the curvature of the cow) and thin ones (presumably to keep the weight of the objects from dragging them down to Betty’s udders.

I’m wondering what the creative types will come up with, and I’m excited to see how the artist’s blank canvas gets filled in the next few months. Maybe we can bring some white magnets to make her into a friesian, or put magnetic photos of ourselves all over her. I have some magnetic googley eyes that I’ll be taking over there. I think I’ll leave the Realtor fridge magnets at home though!

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