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Central Texas Vet Hospital in Austin

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Do you love pets?

Come on now… you know you do. Everybody loves pets. That unconditional love, trotting to the door to meet you after a long day, those EARS and fluffy bellies! Pets can really make a home feel like home. You know they love you and you love to take care of them, but sometimes you may need a little help.

If you find yourself a current pet owner (or want to become one) and need a vet, Central Texas Vet Hospital is the best Central Texas has to offer. With a 50-year anniversary celebration coming in 2021, Central Texas Vet Hospital has the experience, staff, and the long-standing practice to remain dedicated to caring for your pet throughout its lifespan.

They offer care for cats and dogs, have cat condos for boarding while you are away, (older and less active dogs are also welcome), and focus on preventative care. With skills in diagnostics, surgery, and dentistry, AVH is always looking to add new friends to their community.

Of course given today’s climate we want to pass on their current Covid-19 procedures from their website:

Curbside – Pull into a spot and call us (the back lot is shaded!). Your cat needs to be in a secure carrier, your dog on a leash and outside the car ready for hand off to a staff member. We will do all communication over the phone and return the pet to you when done.

In Clinic – Only 1 client per appointment. You must be feeling well, fever free, and wearing a mask. We will maintain social distance which means the exam and treatment of your pet will happen in the back treatment room (we have windows so you can watch).

They can also do virtual diagnostic and prescription services via digital video services like zoom.

Look… I have always loved my pets and owning a home to give them has been one of my motivations to help others find homes. One of the perks of owning a home is that you get to decide what pet experience is right for you (even if it is living without one). So if you find yourself interested in living the homeowner dream, pet or no pet, please reach out to me and I will help.

And please check out the video interview above with Dr. TJ Palvino from the best vet Central Texas Vet Hospital or feel free to read the transcript below. You can also visit their website. Welcome to Central Texas Vet Hospital.

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