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Austin Parade Of Homes

It’s just over three weeks until the start of the Austin Parade of Homes 2009 here at the Mueller Development. There’s a list of the green builders in my article from November=>, but what can people expect to see?

Visitors will get to see Mueller – now 400 families strong, with the Mosaic Apartments open for business, and the builders here all going strongly. It’s going to be hard to buy a home here during the parade – May 23rd – June 7th. Why? Well there aren’t that many left in Phase II right now, and there are probably going to be only a few left in a few weeks time.

will also get to see five incredible homes. I was walking around Streetman’s home yesterday, and every time I went to another of the three floors, I was floored by what I found. The view from the top balcony is phenomenal. From the Frost Bank Building downtown to the new Frost building at Mueller and all the parks and people in between.

What will residents get to see?Well they’ll see transit oriented development in action. Or that’s the theory. The idea is that visitors will park at the periphery of the development and take shuttle buses down Camacho.

  • The parade homes are open weather permitting, and closed on Wednesdays.
  • The homes are open between 10am and 8pm Thursday to Tuesday.
  • Tickets are $15 for regular admission for a day

Garreth Wilcock is a Realtor ® specializing in new homes at Mueller. Get in touch to find out more about moving to the Mueller Development in Austin – 512 694 8873.

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