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Agave In Austin

The Agave neighborhood in East Austin is truly unique to the area. It has a swath of architecturally bold homes set in an area about 15 minutes from Downtown down 969 and MLK – the proverbial straight shot by car. Compared to in-fill development, you get a decent lot – often around 0.18 acre, and the development is gently undulating which affords many homes panoramic views. If you want modern architecture and you want to be surrounded by other homes with a similar feel, this is it for Austin

The houses are typically built to differing green building standards, so there is careful consideration of light and orientation within the design of each one. Roof lines are interesting. Shapes are bold.

And they’re bright. Brightly colored, non-homogenous homes that are the antithesis of the suburban sprawl that extends miles away from Austin’s central business district.


The development had its ups and downs during the tricky 2007-2008 financing challenges, and there is plenty of room for more homes with vacant lots and even a few almost complete homes still remaining. These were recently handed back to the bankers, who then sold them to another developer.

Things picked up again from 2014, and there are now new homes and a healthy resale market.

If you live in Agave in 78724, you are well connected by road to the airport (183) to I35 (if you like traffic or going to Dallas / Waco / San Antonio) and to 130 if you don’t like traffic and want to drive at 85 mph to the F1 track, and those other major cities. 290 is a cinch too, and you can get to the Travis County Showground and the Discovery School in a jiff

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