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A Belly Full of Mueller

With the next phase of new homes on their way, I thought it would be good to ask another resident on their take on living at Mueller. Here’s Mueller in Kathy Sokolic’s words:

I really love living in Mueller. I took a chance by moving from the hip and happening South Congress to the complete unknown, crazily purchasing a house that hadn’t yet been built. Even before the homes were in, the community was born. Our street had an email list before the houses were finished, and the first block party happened while folks were still unpacking. While at times I feel as if all the neighbors can see my every move, I remember that no one cares what I’m doing. Being “Muellered” is a common occurrence – going out for a short walk, only to bump into friends and arrive home 4 hours later, belly full and quite possibly slightly intoxicated. The community participation is also amazing, with hundreds of neighbors heading out for community-wide events! Volunteerism and caring for one’s neighbor is also evident everywhere, and when someone is in need, the community steps up. It really does take a village, and that village is Mueller.

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