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A 12 Volt Battery at Mueller Austin

“There’s nothing unusual about a twelve volt battery,” you might be thinking to yourself, “my car has one of those.” But does your neighborhood have one? There are now a dozen electric vehicles in Mueller Austin– 11 Chevy Volts and 1 Nissan Leaf as reported by Pecan Street’s Mueller Smart Grid Demonstration Project. By the time I write this the next batch of electric vehicles will be cruising silently into the neighborhood to make at least 12 Volts.

The project is studying the effects of charging electric vehicles on the utility grid, and many of the 100 vehicle users also have solar PV panels on their roof tops.

Also for the project, the form boards are up on the Pike Powers Demonstration House on the corner of Berkman and Antone, which means the slab foundation can be poured. Directly behind this, the 3 Alan Muskin Town houses are being framed, so there is quite a buzz in this part of the old airport development.

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