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10 Things You Need to Know about Mueller


If you’re thinking about moving to the Mueller neighborhood in Austin, Texas and you want to learn as much as you can about what makes it such an amazing place to live, I’m going to share ten things you need to know about this amazing community. These ten things have made people fall in love with the area. Hopefully, they will convince you to make your move to Mueller as well!

And today I’m going to share with you 10 things you MUST know about Mueller before you move here.

My clients and neighbors always tell me how much they love living here. One client, who moved here after living in the suburbs for over a decade, recently told me how much he loves having everything he needs within walking distance. He sold his car for a bicycle and simply loves his newfound lifestyle!

If you decide to move to Mueller, I know you’ll love all of the features I’m about to share with you as much as he does!

Green Space

Southeast Greenway Boardwalk

Austin’s Mueller neighborhood spans over 700 acres of the old airport site, with 20 percent of that being park space. Every resident lives within 600 feet of green space! From the large, multi-purpose Lake Park to the many pocket parks throughout, no one has to go far to find themselves in nature. Each park has its own theme and unique offerings, like the Gaylord Sackler Memorial Skate Park.


The Mueller development is world-renowned for the sustainability features built into the community. Each home and building is built to specific standards in green building and LEED certification. At one point, Mueller had the highest density of electric vehicles in the world, and a good percentage of homes here have solar panels. Common spaces are irrigated using reclaimed water. Our lakes are used to prevent flooding and clean the water before it goes back to the system. And the density makes hopping into a car mostly unnecessary!


lila & beth store front

You can break up the Mueller neighborhood into different districts. The Market District, Regional Retail District, and Town Center are chock-full of shopping options. From national chains like Best Buy, Home Depot, and Old Navy, down to local boutiques likeLilla and Beth, anyone can find what they need without having to leave the neighborhood. Don’t forget our local grocery favorite, H-E-B! Forget something forthat dinner recipe? Hopping over to pick it up is so easy!


bd Riley's pub food

There are three main areas in Mueller to get food: Town Center, the Regional Retail District, and the Market District. All of these offer restaurants within walking distance from wherever you are in Mueller. Want fine dining, pub grub, or southern comfort food? Go to Town Center. Grab a quick burrito or fro-yo by the box stores in the Regional Retail District. Grab some tacos or pizza or some of the best Asian fare in the city in the Market District.

Local Employers

The goal of Mueller is for everyone to be able to Live, Work, and Play here. Large employers include Dell Children’s Medical Center, Austin Energy Headquarters, Texas Mutual Insurance, and the Teacher Retirement System offer employment opportunities for thousands of people. Imagine being able to just walk to work!


Outside of the Thinkery

This children’s museum can be identified by the bright red color of the building. One of the first buildings to pop up in Town Center, the museum’s mission is to create innovative learning experiences that equip and inspire the next generation of creative problem solvers. Displays rotate and there are programs for littles up to pre-teens. Sometimes they even have adults-only events in the evenings!

Austin School District Performing Arts Center

The Austin Independent School District Performing Arts Center (PAC) is home to the district’s band, orchestra, theater, dance, and visual arts performances. The almost 70,000 sq. ft. facility includes a 1,200-seat theater, dance studio, recording studio, multi-purpose room, and administrative offices. A 250-seat black box theater provides flexible performance space for smaller events and training. The building is also available to rent for public events. The project achieved both an Austin Energy Green Building 5-Star rating and a LEED Gold certification.


Mueller single family home

Mueller features a diverse mix of single-family homes, town (or row) homes, condo buildings, and apartments. A quarter of our housing, both for sale and for lease, is in an affordable housing program, which is income-based. There are options for just about anyone. The Mueller airport closed in 1999 and the first homes were occupied in late 2007. The final residential phases are finishing up over 2023 and 2024.


The sense of community you feel in Mueller is unrivaled. You can actually get to know your neighbors and make new friends here, which is by design! Being so close to endless activities and so many outdoor spaces means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet new people. Outside of all of the wonderful physical activities, there are also a number of community-specific ones. You can visit the community garden or the weekly Mueller Farmers’ Market. The array of public mixed-use spaces offer so many ways for you to mingle and meet new people.


Parking lot at Mueller HEB

If convenience is even a little important to you then you’ll love Mueller. Everything you could possibly want is only a few minutes away. You can easily bike to work downtown or to UT, walk to grocery stores or restaurants, and you’re never far from a boutique retail store. I can’t stress enough how much joy there is in walking to the grocery store after living in the suburbs for so many years. So much of my time was once taken up traveling from my home to the store, and to restaurants. But now everything is close and easily accessible.

So, with all of these reasons that make Mueller so amazing, it is easy to see why so many people love to call this neighborhood home!

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