GC Cleaners & Laundry in the Cherrywood neighborhood is your local, family-owned, full-service dry cleaner and laundry service. Albert and Amy took over the location a few years ago, and have kept the promise to maintain the exceptional service originally established in 1951. They truly provide service with a smile, and satisfaction is guaranteed! Check them out for any dry cleaning, laundry service, alterations, and more.


AutoGenerated Transcript below.

hey friends I’m here today at GC
cleaners in laundry and I’m very excited
to introduce you to Albert one of the
owners Hey so how long have you guys
been here three years three years in
this location yes
started back in November 2016 awesome
but you’ve been in Austin for a really
long time since 83 yeah what brought you
my parents movie just introduced so how
have you seen this area change a lot
yeah my mom used to work at a capital
Metro when I was younger so nice to come
pick her up a long time ago yeah so your
business has been here for about three
years and what services do you guys
offer dry cleaning laundry washing full
alterations it’s basically a one-stop
Wow how quick of a turnaround is your
alteration a couple days some days I’m
asking for my own personal reference
thing that’s really cool how do you feel
like the communities have welcomed you
guys here into this area great
yeah the beginning is a little rough
because it was an older cleaners but
they had to accept us and we’ve proven
ourselves so yeah yeah see took over
from another company ya know the
family-owned company and we same thing
family-owned so yeah
so do you guys have any specials coming
up or anything
no we just normally run our five percent
every hundred dollars you spend you get
five percent cash back this time we’re
just you know want to provide the best
service in quality so and just you know
get back to the community someway
somehow eventually down the road yeah
hopefully you know we’re able to stay
here for a while purpose its key
principle so these folks can stay here
okay so it’s me Amy and I got two sons
camping and Baylor they’re five and
three years old no no no they have free
labor huh yeah but no yeah five and
three so they’re their young ones and
you live in Cedar Park but you know we
do live you do work here in Austin and
originally I’m from Austin again my
wife’s from Michigan oh she’s been here
for 14 years yes well we’re happy to
have you here in the area I’m happy to
be here yeah very much needed service oh
yeah definitely everyone needs something
dry-cleaned ever now himself weddings
you know good times
what’s the weirdest item you’ve ever
cleans probably like a big Easter Bunny
outfit yeah yeah
make sure fathers please
changing four times
the centrist is what we do the
alterations at some hotels that we
process fair mouth line you have about
nine hotels every process through here
pretty cool
this will redo all the checking huh we
double-check everything but just make
sure there’s lint roll yeah crack
buttons because we do you know quality
inspection basically yeah very nice make
sure no crack buttons we replace you
know buttons at their crack for free her
oh that’s wonderful yeah so just gonna
make sure your stuffs good and ready to
go to wear it love it thanks